Busy Bees

Pre-School Playgroup, Wollaston

Welcome to Busy Bees

Busy Bees Pre-School Playgroup is an outstanding pre-school, serving the community of Wollaston and surrounding areas. We cater for children from aged two and a half until they attend school. Parents / carers can pay privately for attendance and those eligible can claim their government funded hours for attendance at the preschool. We have highly qualified and motivated staff and an excellent setting. If you are looking for a preschool, please contact us and take a look around.

News and Events –

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will be held on 1st July at 7pm in the village hall. All are welcome. The staff will be present and will be showcasing a day in the life of Busy Bees, which is a really great opportunity to see what your children do at Busy Bees.

It is that time of year when many of the committee step down and we look for new committee members to volunteer to help run the preschool. We are currently looking for a chair and a secretary. For more information please contact the chair chair@busybeeswollaston.co.uk

Rose of Northamptonshire Award

Busy Bees Pre-School Wollaston have recieved a Rose of Northamptonshire Award for their dedication to the safety of the community throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The staff of Busy Bees were nominated for their hard work and dedication to the welfare of the children during the pandemic. They supported key worker children to attend an unfamiliar setting which worked extremely well.  They recorded themselves singing songs, reading stories and creating activity packs which helped keep the children connected and motivated. They could have directed parents to You Tube stories and songs but instead went above and beyond to ensure the children saw a familiar, reassuring face on screen. 

They kept in touch with parents regularly to support and provide guidance during an extremely trying time for all. When it was deemed  safe able to do so, they worked extremely hard, often during their own time, to ensure the pre school could open safely to all children. 

This was all carried out during a period of lockdown when they had their own families to care for. 

Busy bees is a pack away setting in a local village hall and remains an outstanding setting due to it’s staff and committee who are passionate about the well-being of the children attending. 

Your School Lottery

Support Busy Bees Pre-School Playgroup and have a chance to win cash prizes. It’s a win win situation. Tickets are £1 and can be purchased through the Your School Lottery website.

Article from Charitable Traveller

This lovely article from Charitable Traveller explains why one of our parents chose to donate to Busy Bees Pre-School Playgroup. Download the full article below.

Image of article from charity traveller

Local Press

Busy Bees Wollaston were recently featured in the Northamptonshire Telegraph, who reported on our collaboration with Wollaston and Strixton Pre-school. Joining forces and sharing premises has allowed us both to stay open and provide child care for key workers during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Read the full article on the Northamptonshire Telegraph website.